TINN2 is a European research network (Collaborative Project) supported by the European Commission under the Health Cooperation Work Programme of the 7 th Framework Programme.

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TINN European Survey on the Use of Antibiotics in NICUs

The survey results are now available and the published article has been published.

Please click here to consult it.


MANY THANKS to all the Neonatal Intensive Care Units that dedicated their time to partipate in the TINN2 survey.


Consortium final meeting on 8th October 2015, in Paris, France

The official event of the TINN2 FP7 European Research Project was organised by Inserm-Transfert on 8th October 2015 in Paris (France).

This meeting gathered together all TINN2 partners for presenting and discussing the latest progresses within TINN2 activities, a project on preclinical studies and paediatric investigation plans for children, under the coordination of the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm).

European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, London, United Kingdom 31st to 4th April 2012


TINN2 Project was presented on Poster at the ECCMID congress in London, United Kingdom.

Brochure PDF :

University of Duesseldorf

The University of Duesseldorf educates pharmacy students of different education levels. The research focuses on the development of drug formulations for paediatric use.

The laboratories of the University are specialized in developing paediatric drug formulations. They are able to develop and characterize small batches of solid, multiparticulate and liquid dosage forms. However, we are not allowed to produce clinical batches (for investigation in humans or animals). For instance, they are capable of performing microencapsulation of drug crystals, pelletization for minipellets, taste masking of liquids, and taste assessment by electronic tongues.
They have developed various drug formulations for children, e.g. taste-masked sodium benzoate granules, low-dose 6-mercaptopurine tablets, taste-masked glucose-electrolyte-salt solutions, and taste-masked methylene blue syrup.

Professor Jörg Breitkreutz is involved in the FP 7 project “Loulla & Philla” in charge for the development of appropriate drug formulations. He is moreover a member of the Formulation Expert Panel of the PDCO, the European Paediatric Formulation Initiative (EuPFI) and chair of the German IPAED, a paediatric drug formulation expert group.


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